Somewhat vintage in style, and using either fabric inspired by the era or carefully chosen contemporary patterns, these cosy fleece lined baby hats are cute, supersoft and warm.

Cosy Handmade Baby Hat 6-12 Months


  • Obviously all babies vary in size and grow so much in the 6 month period in the size guideline, therefore sizing has to be approximate. As such, if bought for a baby on the lower end of the size guideline - for example, a 0-6 month hat on a newborn baby - your hood initially seem a little big, but won’t be so for long, and it will mean you get a lot longer use out of your item. Similarly, if, for example, the intended little recipient around 5 months you may want to purchase the next size up to ensure you get full use from your hat.



  • Care instructions:
    Though these hats have been machine wash tested, to extend the life of your garment we would always recommend handwashing any handmade item, especially if your item contains wool, and careful ironing inside out (on the cotton side). Having given this advice we are unable to accept responsibility if items are damaged during machine washing.